PECTECH is a company founded in Padua by Matteo Pecchi, the company purpose is to make available to the market the experience and knowledge, gathered in over twenty years of work, in the development and sale of instrumentation and sensors for measurements on plants, machines, buildings and wherever there is the need to acquire and monitor processes and energy consumption, both industrial and civil.

PECTECH offers BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and REPRESENTATIVE services in Italy and abroad for companies that need established sales professionals, with relational skills at all levels, for the construction of their sales network and for the acquisition of new opportunities.

PECTECH distributes instrumentation and accessories for the measurements needs of electrical parameters, sensors and interfaces for data collection, for monitoring and remote control.

PECTECH offers solutions for the energy management market and renewable energies. The collaboration with industry professionals allows us to offer turnkey solutions for energy analysis and certification, starting from the audit to the implementation plans using the instrumentation and monitoring and remote control systems based on wired or wireless connections.


PECTECH's mission is to offer a package of products and solutions that help its customers to quickly and at the right price solve the measurement, management and monitoring needs of their plants and installations.

This happens through the sharing of our technical knowledge and the service we offer, thanks to the stock availability of the devices dedicated to Power and Energy measurements.

Being able to support companies in the processes of analysis and optimization of energy consumption (Energy Management), starting from the measurement until the acquisition and analysis of the data collected, is the cornerstone of the company. PECTECH chooses the most innovative partners and products to offer the best to its customers, we believe in the direct relationship and in the sharing of our skills, because only with a network of specialists it is possible to guarantee the best service

The new technology based on IoT devices has exploded the need to measure and acquire data from the field, because it has become much easier to transmit data by lowering costs.

Each measure requires an instrument... Devices that can be easily installed and already set up for connection to data transmission are the strengths of our commercial proposal.

Devices & Solutions

Thanks to the multi-year partnerships existing with these companies, PECTECH interfaces directly with product specialists to support the customer in choosing the best solution.

PECTECH's ability to discover new products on the international market, in order to meet new needs in new markets, allows us to be always one step ahead. They are our customers who help us to do this, sharing their experiences and always asking for smart solutions.

Solutions that are based not only on the PRODUCTS but also on the SERVICES offered by our partners:

  • Drafting of Energy Diagnosis and energy certification of buildings.
  • Customer support in obtaining the certification of its ISO 50001 Energy Management System.
  • Devices and platforms for the collection, processing and sharing of real time data collected, from peripherals and machines present in industrial plants, with hardware suitable for industrial installations.
  • Customizing the aggregation in data collection for asset management