PECTECH distributes interfaces for automation, devices and solutions for the measurement, monitoring and analysis of your energy consumption. We have available in stock a wide selection of split core and standard current transformers, Rogowski probes that can be matched to your network analyzers, or you can get the best solutions from our experts. PECTECH's ability to discover new products on the international market, in order to meet new needs in new markets, allows us to always be one step ahead.

They are our customers who help us to do this, sharing their experiences and always asking for smarter solutions.

Solutions that are based not only on the PRODUCTS but also on the SERVICES offered by our partners:

• Drafting of Energy Diagnosis and energy certification of buildings.

• Customer support in obtaining the certification of its ISO 50001 Energy Management System

• Devices and Platforms for the collection, processing and sharing of real time data, collected from peripherals and machines installed in industrial plants.

• Customization of the aggregation in data collection for asset management

PECTECH manage in stock:

    • MID Certified Energy Meters in single-phase version with direct insertion, three-phase with direct insertion or with external CT, all with RS485 Modbus RTU serial communication

    • Ultra compact network analyzers with universal CT input and serial communication
    • Network analyzers for OEM market, low cost, with integrated serial communication
    • AC/DC Current Transformers and Power meters.
    • Modules for monitoring electrical parameters such as: phase loss, wrong sequence or phase failure, phase unbalance, over or under current, over or under load, over or under frequency and over or under voltage, voltage and power monitoring.
    • Timers, Relays for motor control, packaging machines, HVAC, control and process panels.

    Thanks to the existing multi-year partnerships with its partners, PECTECH interfaces directly with product specialists to support the customer in choosing the best solution.

    The advent of IoT-based technologies has exploded the need to measure and acquire data from the field, because it has become much easier to transmit data by lowering costs. Each measure requires an instrument ...

    Devices that are easy to install and ready to connect to data transmission are the strengths of our commercial proposal.