PECTECH offers BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT services for Italy and Europe for companies that need well-established sales professionals, with relational skills at all levels, for the construction of their sales network and for the acquisition of new opportunities.

PECTECH is able to help companies promote their products and services nationally and internationally, through commercial activities at all levels, from participation in strategic exhibitions, advertising in specialized magazines, the organization of events, the creation of commercial network and direct sales activities to strategic customers.

The commercial experience gained, in the management and development of business contacts and product promotion, guarantees an ideal support for the development of your business. This is possible thanks to the knowledge and introduction of PECTECH in the world of industrial automation and process instrumentation.

BUSINESS DEVELOPER functions go beyond simple commercial support, provides the company with feedback from the market and helps in the creation of products closer to customer needs thus creating new opportunities.

The main activities we take care of are:

• Evaluate marketing opportunities.

• Identify potential partnerships, customers and markets.

• Support the product development process.

• Prepare the preliminary economic offer.

• Manage business intelligence on customers and competitors.

• Carry out follow-up to the sale.

• Deal with the drafting of commercial offers.

• Designing business models.

A business developer requires knowledge of the market and vision, working alongside the sales and marketing department, sharing strategies and action plans, analyzing results and studying corrective actions to improve profits. This is possible only by sharing experiences with the client, which draws on the experience of those who have a broader vision.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT activities can often be combined with direct sales activities with a typical commission remuneration of the Agency reports.

PECTECH is always available for a cognitive meeting to evaluate the possible collaborations and potential of your business.